Dialupass v3. AsterWin IE 1. Il a été développé dans un environnement Visual Basic et nécessite la bibliothèque Visual Basic Runtime. Le code source est inclus! Outils de surveillance du réseau SmartSniff v2.

Nom:usbdeview v2.30
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Système d’exploitation:Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
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Dialupass v3. AsterWin IE 1. Il a été développé dans un environnement Visual Basic et nécessite la bibliothèque Visual Basic Runtime. Le code source est inclus! Outils de surveillance du réseau SmartSniff v2. Ou vidage hexadécimal. AppNetworkCounter v1. LiveTcpUdpWatch 1. SniffPass v1. SocketSniff v1. CurrPorts v2. Pour chaque port dans la liste, des informations sur le processus qui a ouvert le port est également affiché, y compris le nom du processus, le chemin complet du processus, les informations de version du processus nom du produit, description du fichier, etc.

ProcessTCPSummary v1. NetworkConnectLog v1. NetworkLatencyView v1. La valeur de latence calculée par NetworkLatencyView est très similaire au résultat que vous obtenez de pingant la même adresse IP. DNSQuerySniffer v1. WhoIsConnectedSniffer v1. Réseau sans fil Watcher v2. NetworkUsageView v1. WakeMeOnLan v1. When your computers are turned on, WakeMeOnLan allows you to scan your network, and collect the MAC addresses of all your computers, and save the computers list info a file.

Later, when your computers are turned off or in standby mode, you can use the stored computers list to easily choose the computer you want to turn on, and then turn on all these computers with a single click. WakeMeOnLan also allows you to turn on a computer from command-line, by specifying the computer name, IP address, or the MAC address of the remote network card.

NetworkCountersWatch v1. You can also initialize all counters to zero at any time in order to watch the network counters for specific event. NetworkCountersWatch also calculates and displays the current download speed and upload speed on your network interface. WifiHistoryView v1.

NetworkOpenedFiles v1. NetBScanner also shows whether a computer is a Master Browser. WirelessNetView v1. WifiInfoView v2. WirelessConnectionInfo v1. NetResView v1. NetRouteView v1. CountryTraceRoute v1. CountryTraceRoute affiche également le pays du propriétaire de chaque adresse IP trouvée dans le traceroute. PingInfoView v1. Il ping automatiquement à tous les hôtes chaque nombre de secondes que vous spécifiez, et affiche le nombre de pings ayant échoué et réussir, ainsi que le temps de ping moyenne.

Outils de navigateur Web BrowsingHistoryView v2. BrowsingHistoryView allows you to watch the browsing history of all user profiles in a running system, as well as to get the browsing history from external hard drive. WebCacheImageInfo v1. ImageCacheViewer v1. FBCacheView v1. BrowserAddonsView v1. IECacheView v1. EdgeCookiesView v1. It also allows you to select one or more cookies and then export them to tab-delimited, csv file, html file, or to a file in cookies.

You can read the cookies from the current running system or from the WebCacheV IECookiesView v1. In addition, it allows you to change the content of the cookies, delete unwanted cookies files, save the cookies into a readable text file, find cookies by specifying the domain name, view the cookies of other users and in other computers, and more… WebCookiesSniffer v1.

When selecting a cookie string in the upper pane, WebCookiesSniffer parses the cookie string and displays the cookies as name-value format in the lower pane.

IEHistoryView v1. In addition, you are allowed to view the visited URL list of other user profiles on your computer, and even access the visited URL list on a remote computer, as long as you have permission to access the history folder. MZCookiesView v1. It displays the details of all cookies stored inside the cookies file cookies.

MZHistoryView v1. MZCacheView v1. You can easily select one or more items from the cache list, and then extract the files to another folder, or copy the URLs list to the clipboard. FirefoxDownloadsView v1. ChromeCookiesView v1. ChromeHistoryView v1. SafariHistoryView v1. SafariCacheView v1. OperaCacheView v1. For each cache file, the following information is displayed: URL, Content type, File size, Last accessed time, and last modified time in the server. ChromeCacheView v1.

FlashCookiesView v1. For each cookie file, the lower pane of FlashCookiesView displays the content of the file in readable format or as Hex dump. MyLastSearch v1. URLStringGrabber v1. You can also copy the URLs list into the clipboard and paste them into Excel or other spreadsheet application.

IEDesignMode v1. When a Web page in in design mode, you can change the location of images and other objects, change the current text, paste a new text into the Web page, and so on. FavoritesView v1. It automatically scans the entire cache of Internet Explorer and Mozilla-based Web browsers Including Firefox and finds all video files that are currently stored in it.

WebVideoCap v1. This utility allows you to capture. After the entire video file is downloaded and played by the Web browser, the video file is saved in the folder that you selected, and you can play it offline later with any Video player. RTMP is a streaming protocol used by Hulu, justin. SoundVolumeView v1. AppAudioConfig v1. This tool displays your current audio settings of every application on your system, and allows you to easily change the setting of multiple applications at once.

Volumouse v2. It allows you to define a set of rules for determining when the wheel will be used for changing the sound volume. For example: You can configure Volumouse to use your mouse wheel for volume control when the Alt key is hold down, when the left mouse button is down, when the mouse cursor is over the taskbar, and so on… When the conditions that you define are not satisfied, your mouse wheel will be used for the regular scrolling tasks, exactly as before.

InstalledCodec v1. It automatically test the download speed of the URLs that you choose, one after another. It moves to the next download URL after the specified number of seconds has been elapsed or after it downloads the specified amount of KB — just according to your preferences.

NetConnectChoose v1. With the wifi hotspot created by this tool, you can allow any device with wifi support to access the network and the Internet connection available in your computer. IPNetInfo v1. This utility can be very useful for finding the origin of unsolicited mail. You can simply copy the message headers from your email software and paste them into IPNetInfo utility.

WhoisThisDomain v2. It supports both generic domains and country code domains. IPInfoOffline v1. It uses a compressed IP addresses database that is stored inside the exe file. DNSDataView v1.


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