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By entering. Do not change these settings if you have already created drawings. In TS 15 you can create custom graphical templates. Applicable in Tekla Structures versions: Whenever some changes are done, you need to update the marks for them to show the changes. Qes Is there a way to fasten the saving and modeling process when working in the multi-user mode?

Ans: Check your network connection speed, because it can slow down the saving process significantly. Check that your workstations comply with the latest hardware recommendations. A good processor can increase the speed. During the saving process memory use is significant. If more is needed, the virtual memory is used, which can be slow. In bit computers TS is able to use all the available memory for the saving process.

The saving time may be shorter if you close down all the views of the model before saving. If there are many system files in the network drive, saving may become slower than when using system files located on your own hard drive. Each user should naturally use the same files to ensure similar outcome. Running the multi-user server on the same workstation as TS has no advantage or disadvantage.

The multi-user server itself has very low CPU usage. If you have a hidden reference model which you do not need anymore, you can delete it. How I can use the old numbers G. Ans: If you are working in single-user mode you can use this workaround: 1. Tekla Structures now numbers the GA drawings starting from number 1 again.

Tekla Structures versions: What do those messages mean? Ans: Tekla Structures records the error message shown in the following example in the numbering. After numbering, warning of overlapping numbers is shown. In numbering. How to repair this? How to avoid this from happening again? Ans: Making a model dump is one solution.

Make the model dump in the single user mode, then import it into an empty model in the single user mode. To avoid this problem, all users should always have Synchronize with master model save-numbering-save selected.

Ans: In Tekla Structures In Tekla Structures versions older than Is it possible forcing them to be visible in printouts or exported DWGs? Ans: By default clouds are drawn in magenta, and magenta color is not printed. Therefore, if you want to export or print the cloud symbols, you need to change the color of the clouds. After changing the color the clouds are printed and exported to DWG.

Is there another advanced option to manage the segments for polybeam chamfers? All of these options need to be put in your initialization file e. Centres d'intérêt liés.


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